• Your computer crashes on startup ?
  • You forgot your session password ?
  • You have deleted important data ?
  • You no longer have access to your data ?

With absolute discretion derived from professional secrecy we use the recovery methodologies best suited to your particular case in order to obtain the best results.


  • Your computer has a high activity rate without being requested ?
  • Your computer takes initiatives without your knowledge ?
  • You suspect a virus... and now ?

Do not wait too long... Some infection mechanisms make the machine unusable quickly. If you hesitate, ask us to perform a complete diagnosis of your machine.


  • Your machine takes an unusually long time to execute what you ask for ?
  • Your hard drive never rests while you work ?

The time has come to dust off a bit ! If you do not know exactly what it is wise to pass in the basket we gladly help you with the task and give back to your computer his youth of yesteryear !


  • You have just installed a new application that you do not know ?
  • A new update makes you lose your Latin ?

We have a long pedagogical experience in training who, with listening and dialogue, will help you become familiar with the interfaces of your favorite applications.


  • You've been fighting for an hour with the instructions for your new computer / telecom / multimedia equipment ?

Our daily experience leads us to meet a variety of equipment that we put in place several times. So it's very likely that we know what you're going through... and we're sure we can help you !


  • You have so many passwords that it is difficult to find you there ?
  • You only have one "do it all" and you wonder if this is safe ?
  • Wondering if your computer / mail / network is sufficiently protected ?

We help you think about security strategies tailored to your needs and advise you on appropriate and easy-to-use tools for implementing these strategies.

iconEMC assessment

  • You are wondering about your exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) ?
  • You do not feel well in some places in your home / workplace ?
  • You have trouble concentrating, resting or falling asleep ?

In the current context of the arrival of 5G, and generally in our environments where connected objects are increasing day by day, all these questions are perfectly legitimate.
If you ask yourself these questions do not hesitate to use our know-how to establish an assessment of your electromagnetic environment (click here to view in a new tab an example of our diagnosis) and recommendations to improve your everyday life !

  • You would like faster troubleshooting ?
  • You would like to be assisted remotely to limit intervention costs ?
  • You think you have a minor problem and want to have a first remote diagnosis ?

Remote support consists of taking, with your consent, the control of your machine remotely using appropriate software.
Do not hesitate to contact us to know the procedure to follow if you wish to profit from this solution !


  • You have equipment that you do not know what to do with ?

Always in the spirit of preserving our environment and reducing, reusing and recycling, we believe it is important to give a second life to electronic equipment often made with rare materials and non-renewable resources.
If you want to get rid of your equipment and are not sure of the proper way to do it do not hesitate to contact us, we will find together if you can still use your devices again, or else the best sorting chain !

Whatever difficulty you face do not wait !

Contact us and benefit from an intervention as soon as possible !


  • This is the first time you use our services ?

When we get to know each other, we think that a commercial gesture is auspicious to make known the quality of our services...
That's why we offer you a 10% discount on our first intervention !


  • Hourly billing is the most common and is established as follows :

Flat rate of 80 CHF for the first hour, then the second hour, 30 CHF per half hour started
Travel expenses are extra if applicable (see "Displacements" below).


  • You want to know exactly how much you will pay for a repair ?

In this case, we will come to your place and set a diagnosis and a quote for the repair in 30 minutes maximum for 30 CHF.
If you accept the quote it will be held in all cases ! Otherwise it is still possible to proceed with the repair according to the hourly rate.
Travel expenses are extra if applicable (see "Displacements" below).


  • You prefer to prevent that to cure ?

The annual prevention subscription is the right solution to avoid finding yourself in the situation where you have to cure...
For this, we offer two annual appointments for a package of 190 CHF to check the health of your machine and take corrective action as needed to avoid disaster scenarios.
The goal of this maintenance is to keep the performance of your machine as homogeneous as possible throughout the year (ideally 50% usable RAM and CPU usage, out of demand, as close as possible to 0%).
Travel expenses are extra if applicable (see "Displacements" below).

30 CHF per half hour started, payment by TWINT, Revolut, PayPal or payment slip.


Travel prices are established on a flat rate for 5Km (Free), 10Km (CHF 20) and 20km (CHF 40) radius around the center of Geneva (see the map).
For other cases please contact us.

Do not miss : Currently we offer a discount of 10% for interventions made during the week-end !


'HELP2YOU' is a sole proprietorship (CHE-114.945.278) founded in 2009 by Nuno Lavadinho, Engineer Telematics graduate HES.

More than 15 years of experience in the analysis, administration and maintenance of IT systems for several Geneva companies have allowed us to build a high degree of expertise.

With this expertise as a tool, we bring you a full range of solutions to help you to master your digital environment.

We want to bring to our private clientele in the Geneva area a quality professional service that meets the challenges of our ever-changing time.

Our motto of success is unwavering and we come to you with only one idea in mind: always find a solution to your problems !

We are committed to always working closely with the rules of the art, in good order and diligence. We believe it is important to provide neat local services and are extremely proud that our work can help you find calmer relationships with your various computing devices !


We think the world can be better tomorrow !

That's why we are committed to contribute modestly to this change with 5 eco-actions daily :

In addition, we believe that weaving a local economic web is a guarantee for the future of our children, which is why we gladly accept that our fees are settled in Lémans (click here to visit in a new tab the site of "Monnaie Léman").


Having trouble with your computer equipment ? You have questions ?

Do not hesitate, contact us by phone and WhatsApp (phone01), with Threema (threema) or using the following form :

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